Music should be more than just noise; it should be an experience of auditory color – splashes of melodies and harmonies that give meaning to what otherwise would be just words. When a group comes along with the right mix of passion, creative energy and lyrical flair, a poetic spirit takes life on stage.  A synergetic force of instrumental and vocal talent, JFM has already carved out a reputation for sonic excellence, showcasing an eclectic repertoire which brings a unique, but mainstream sound and a broad appeal to a variety of audiences. The members of JFM have personal stories and experiences involving the maltreatment and abuse of women, children and those with no voice. Growing up they came into contact with victims who confided in them as they shared their painful stories of rape, incest and abuse. These stories created a deep anger and unified them in their disgust for those who participate in such behaviors and injustices. So it was no surprise that they had an emotional attachment to a girl named Mary. They heard about Mary after watching a network TV show that featured crimes committed against the innocent. Little Mary was abused by her parents for eleven years. Locked up in a bathroom, she was treated like an animal, beaten and starved. One day she escaped her prison and found freedom as she received treatment for her physical and emotional scars. Yet to this day her gutless parents remain in hiding. We believe her parents will one day pay for their crimes. Until then JFM along with Mary, and all of those who know her story are hoping, waiting and believing that one day there will be ‘Justice For Mary.’ Thus the name JFM. www.jfmband.com

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