Speaker Junkies

Speaker Junkies are a LIVE Trance/Electronica Band, armed with keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and no turntables. Their addictive music will awaken your inner dance child and their amazing LIVE performance will leave you craving for more. Wild stage antics draw you in to a rush that’s like pure ecstasy consuming your body. And once the sounds of the Speaker Junkies hit the floor, you will have no choice but to release your inhibitions and dance.  Speaker Junkies’ contagious groove infected Europe all last summer, being featured on MTV:GRIND in Romania. They have opened up for names such as Snoop Dogg at the House of Blues, Deepsky and Junkie XL at the Remix Magazine Hotel, and Sander Klienenberg and Darude just to name a few. Speaker Junkies were even featured at the Winter Music Conference New Artist Showcase, and at numerous venues in the U.S. and overseas. Additionally, their debut single “Drifting” was showcased in an ESPN commercial and their name has graced television screens across America on Apples IPOD commercial. Speaker Junkies’ singles have currently been on rotation with world renown DJ’s such as Christopher Lawrence, Star Killers, Lisa Lashes, BK, Jon Bishop, DJ Irene, and Tommy Lee. www.speakerjunkies.com

One thought on “Speaker Junkies”

  1. daniel says:

    Speaker Junkies performance was 7 out of 10…Summer Daniel’s performance was definitely better than last time and she really looks good on stage. There was 5 minutes of technical difficulties with loud feedback noise but things started off well soon as the beat started to bounce.

    SJ did lot of vocal tracks and there werent much variation to the music, but the new song “jump start the party” definitely got the things rolling…it was little hard to hear Summer at times but I know they are still getting the kinks worked out.

    Dance floor was packed all night with SJ fans and other bands and fans as well. Most amazing thing was there were some faces that were there 8 years ago when the group first started! SJ fans last…thats for sure

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