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Songs Titles Such As “Cheryl The Barrel,” “Sweaty Larry,” And The Haunting “Devil’s Due”
Take You On A Runaway Train Ride of Self-Deprecating Witticisms Driven By Primus And Tool

LA MIRADA, CA – King Thick ( are the soon to be middle-aged power-trio who hail from the least written about city in sunny Orange County, California. Their landlocked hometown of La Mirada is better known for its dilapidated drive-in movie theater’s swap meet than any multi-platinum radio stars. That in mind the band is now set to explode their Warren’s Harry Leonard six song EP in a neighborhood near you on Acropolis Records, July 7th.

Thick. As in, a thick and unrelenting wall of sound, easily defined by the meaty, intricate funk bass lines slathered in fat by Warren Fenton, Leonard Alvarez’s sizzling metal guitar riffs, and Harry Lynn’s precision thundering drums take you on a runaway train ride of tongue in cheek lyrics and self-deprecating witticisms driven by Primus and Tool.

Included on the new EP are such live fan favorites as “Cheryl The Barrel”, “Sweaty Larry”, and the haunting “Devil’s Due,” that will conger up visions of the ‘70s film “Deliverance.”

Quickly dominating local shows with their over-whelming stage presence and iconoclastic demeanor, the power-trio has won over an eclectic group of fans from the punk, metal, rock and prog rock audiences. “We are truly happy to be able to play what we feel and as often as we do,” relates Warren, the bass player who shares the lead vox with guitarist Leonard. “Some people beat up bums, some people have gym memberships, what we do is we jam out every weekend we can, and I’m glad to see people are willing to be a part of it; hell yeah.”

Currently, the band has been signed to an independent label, is competing for a coveted spot on the Vans Warped Tour, and is set to release their first EP Warren’s Harry Leonard, a play on the first names of the band members. With this new EP, the band hopes to expand their sphere of influence beyond the Southern California live scene. “We could go back and record the full length any time,” Fenton states. “We wanted to test the waters, and put a sample of our songs out there. We are also interested in seeing how we are received in other parts of the country.”

However, the EP would not have come about were it not for a humorous coincidence that led to the band signing with independent OC based label, Acropolis Records. “Interesting story,” Fenton Chuckles as he recollects, “we had a buddy who was doing DJ work and he told us that there was a local show at House of Blues Anaheim that was featuring local bands. So of course we jumped at the chance to do that. I got there early, excited… and when I was there, I heard these two guys just totally bad mouthing our band, saying ‘who the hell are these guys, who told them they could play here, I’ve never heard of them, etc.’ and after about five minutes of listening to them bash us, I was wondering if we should split.” Little did Warren realize that the two men in question were in fact Daniel Park and Peter Ma, Proprietors for Acropolis RPM and Acropolis Records; and little did Peter and Daniel know that the founder of the band they were bashing was standing right behind them; nor did it occur to them they would end up falling in love with the very same band. “They bumped us from first to the last act to go on and before the set was through, those same two guys were there with a photographer taking pictures. I guess they liked what we had and we’ve been together ever since.”

More importantly, however, their thick, meaty signature sound, the quality which initially won over their fan base and made advocates out of doubters, remains the focus; an ideal based purely in self-enjoyment. “We are about having fun and enjoying ourselves and entertaining our fans with the unexpected,” Warren states blatantly. “We always looking for the humor in stuff, it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself, and at things you see and especially at stuff you create with other people.”

Warren’s Harry Leonard is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster.

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  1. This band rocks! Super new style and hot guys. What more can Orange County ask for?! If you love Primus you will love KING THICK!

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