Main Street Lights interview

Main Street Lights

James: Guitar, Vox
Joe: Bass, Vox
Josh: Drums

The Southern California sun descended upon a day that would live in infamy. Joe and James stood upon a mountaintop and overlooked the county of Orange. Night enveloped the scene, the darkness seeming to reflect their inner thoughts, for it was a time of frustration and change. Little did they know that an astronomical event was about to occur that would change their lives forever. The spectacle now known to be Main Street Lights would soon be born. As they stood, staring out over a seemingly silent city, the lights lining Main Street ironically bright, a bolt of lightening struck young Joseph in the hand and elevated his arm toward the sky. As the electricity coursed through his body, his head tilted back and he brought forth a note that pierced the ears of every living thing, even those without ears. While we may never be entirely certain, legend has it that the note was audible even from space. To this day the boys are willing to bet a great sum of money from their own wallets (about $3.50) that this probably is true. What we’re trying to say is, it was loud.

The young duo set forth on a musical journey to create that which would leave an indelible imprint upon the pages of time, a legacy to last through the ages; something future generations would look back on in awe, or at least odd amusement. Imbued with uncanny ability after what is now known as “the incident,” they began to scribe their own songs, splaying their innermost emotional entrails into what can only be described as a symphony of super awesomeness. But alas, something was missing. After a long, arduous journey in search the missing cadence, our heroes stumbled upon a drummer known only as Josh. After practicing together, things seemed to click. That, and the fact that they didn’t feel like searching any further, cemented the fact that Josh would have to do. The trifecta was now complete. Main Street Lights began to radiate their brilliance. After taking the stage for the first time, the trio realized that the world may not yet be ready for such esoteric extravagance as this. They decided to lay low, honing their skills, awaiting the day when they might emerge to take their rightful place in the universe, or at least, a local bar. Now, armed with a self-titled EP (that unlike this bio is all killer, no filler) on the infamous Acropolis Records, Main Street Lights are set to shine, ready to blind the world.

Q&A With Main Street Lights

Other than the alleged “incident,” what were your earliest encounters with the instruments and abilities now in your arsenal? From whence doth such awesomeness spring?

James: I have been playing music since I was a little kid. My parents introduced me to the piano when I was seven years old. I hated it and abandoned the instrument a few years later to play drums. My parents were reluctant but shocked at my dedication to the instrument. I knew I was serious the day I went to my grandfather’s funeral and played a show in the same day. My band wanted to cancel the gig and that wasn’t an option for me. I’ve played in bands since I was 12 (now 23) in Orange County. None as serious as Main Street Lights. I am looking to make a living of doing what I love no matter what the cost.

Joe: My first instrument was in 7th grade. I remember how horrible I was at guitar. I’m almost positive it was since my guitar teacher only wanted to teach me cover songs and nothing else. After a horrible accident that took my guitar away from me (my cousin throwing it off my bed) I thought that I was done with music. It wasn’t until my uncle, whom is one of my biggest influences as a musician, started talking to me about music that things began looking up. Around this time I met James at high school who was also a musician, and soon to be best friend. Most of my friends from high school, including James, were all playing guitar, so through their help I picked back up guitar. I remember James through high school always talking up his band, and me always wanting to be apart of it. They even wanted me to sing for them at one point, but never called me back…bastards. Look at me now James!

Josh: I started playing drums when I was about 15. I got my first drum set from my friend for $200 it was a piece of crap but a kit nonetheless. I started taking minor lessons from a friend of mine who was in a pop punk band as well as a friend of my dad’s. From there I started a band with a couple of friends at school and got used to performing in front of people. About four bands later, James sent me a message online saying he needed a drummer and at that time I needed a band. I had a couple formal drum lessons but I basically picked up anything I could from the music I listened to. From the time I performed with my first band I knew I wanted to play music as a profession.

Joe: We all have listen to similar and different bands and music genres. There is a common thread that ties Main Street Lights together. That thread is punk. Skate-punk, pop-punk, whatever you like to call it, we all were influenced by the ‘90s punk movement which took an underground sound to commercial music. Josh listens to a lot of metal music. James listens to a lot of classic rock and I am into a lot of acoustic performers.

How would you describe your sound to mere mortals should they yet not be privileged enough to partake?

Joe: Well first of all… its good. Second of all I would say we are an alternative rock band with pop punk/alternative influences.

How does one go about placing a moniker on a masterpiece?

Josh: James was painting his room and saw Main Street Lights as a color. The rest of the band thought it sounded cool plus it fit the fact that we all like Disneyland a lot. Joe and James met in high school on Main St. in Santa Ana so it just stuck.

Care to elaborate on the awesomeness of your EP?

James: We only have one CD and it is a self-titled. One area where we differ from other bands is we try to always write about different material — everything from a love song to a song about a friend taking their life. Each song on the self-titled can reach someone out there. “The Time” is a song of declaration. It embodies the idea that anything can be accomplished. “This Song Has Great Potential” is a song about putting effort into something and not being reciprocated for your hard work. “A Day In Your Life” is a love song about heartbreak. “Fade Away” is about letting problems roll off you shoulders because they are bound to happen. “Yes I Do” is a song about someone who has lost someone they love and wishes to relive a memory with them. The upcoming album should be good. It’s going to be more dynamic and rock your sock off! ONLY ONE! Our sound is very diverse. We are like the Baskin Robbins of bands.

What does the future hold?

We have a very good local following. We are looking to expand it by playing Warped Tour next summer and releasing a full-length CD. We have the talent and dedication the world just doesn’t know it yet. BUT THEY SOON WILL!

Any famous last words?

Feel free to contact us via MySpace or follow us on Twitter. The link is on our MySpace page. We are funny guys looking to connect with our fans.

Fans of what artists would enjoy your music? Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, AFI and Foo Fighters.



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