CPR article

CPR: Punk Rock Resuscitation

Founded in Fountain Valley, CPR will be competing in this year’s Battle for Vans Warped Tour. With David on drums, Jacob on bass, Jimmy McFinn on rhythm guitar, and Jet Wilson on guitar and vocals. CPR is a family-based punk rock band. Their influences include classic punk bands such as Black Flag, Dead Boys, the NY Dolls and they are very vocal and supportive of local underground punk rock bands.

Before CPR, Jet Wilson had always been active in the music scene; playing music in the 80’s and even witnessing the grunge movement. Through all his rough times, he always counted on music as being an ultimate salvation. Not only does CPR serve as an abbreviation for Christian Punk Rock but also as a strong metaphor: the reinvigoration of life through the power of music. When asked what advice he’d give to aspiring musicians, his response was both inspirational and rebellious: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.”

Make sure to check out their energetic live album “Live at Fuzion” and follow their Facebook page for updates on shows, new material and uploaded videos.

To listen to their new pre-release, visit: