Bands We Love: The Cellspringers

the cellspringer article

Palmdale-based band The Cellspringers will be participating in the 2016 Battle for Vans Warped Tour Finals on August 6, 2016. The band consists of guitarist Vinny Zappulla, drummer Tyler Thompson, and singer/bassist Cedric Johnson.

The trio blends old school classic rock and melodic punk to create a unique sound. Their influences include Rage Against the Machine, Misfits, and Led Zeppelin. They have been in the music scene for just over a year and have already been making a name for themselves. They consider it a great accomplishment to have made it to the finals in the Battle for Vans Warped Tour. The band hopes to connect with like-minded people through their music and “give them a flag to fly and stand behind.”

The Cellspringers currently have a debut self-titled EP out now and are playing shows in support of their release. Be sure to check out their website for music and upcoming shows.