Bands We Love: Devastation


Crossover hardcore band Devastation will be participating in this year’s Battle for Vans Warped Tour Finals on August 6, 2016. The band consists of vocalist Maui Olivares, lead guitarist James Munroe, bassist Sabian Poggio, rhythm guitarist Joey Sia, and drummer Christian Sia. Their many influences include: Raw Power, Indigesti, Excel, The Accüsed, Los Crudos, Carry On, Wretched, and Urban Bandits. Their music encompasses multiple genres but has its roots in hardcore punk rock.

Christian Sia, Richard Shoemaker, and James Munroe started the band in 2009. All three members were classmates and have known each other since middle school. They went through several lineup changes since their beginning. Maui and Joey joined the band in 2010 and Sabian joined in 2015. Devastation’s goal is to make a career out of their music. They have been actively pursuing their goal by consistently releasing new music and performing live shows.

The band recently started traveling to other states and is currently planning their first tour starting in November of 2016. They are also releasing a new album Local Harassment and will be playing an anniversary show to celebrate seven years as a band at Monument in Murrieta on August 13, 2016. Keep up with Devastation on Facebook and check out their new releases on Bandcamp.