Bands We Love: Hooray for Our Side

hooray for our side

Hooray for Our Side

Orange County based band Hooray for Our Side will be competing at the Battle for Vans Warped Tour Finale on August 6th 2016. The band is assembled of Katon Guinen  (guitar), Branden Herron (sousaphone), Kevin Heydman ( bass), Drew Pedersen (trombone), Keith Roberts (drums), Corey Simmons (trombone) and  Evan Wohrman (lead vocals).

They have a diverse range of influences from Less Than Jake, Bruno Mars, Frank Turner to classics such as Oingo Boingo, The Beach Boys etc. Their lyrics mostly deal with everyday life occurrences but sometimes dwell in politics. While music is their main passion and driving force, some members of the group also have a passion for education; drummer and Keith and bassist Kevin both have or are mastering in nutrition and music respectively. Even though they have a loyal and large fan base, one of their major challenges is dealing with naysayers who only have negative opinions to say about the ska genre. But with their energy and craftsmanship, not only do they aim to prove those pessimists wrong, but to also win their spot in one of the most famous traveling rock festivals; the Vans Warped Tour.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and visit their official website: Their album Overture is also available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.