The Enthusiast Group, Inc Announces: Revolution Bike Fest Coming to Southern California November 2016

Revolution Bike Fest is A lifestyle experience with a mission of leaving the world a better place by bike! Coming Nov. 4-6 to Oak Canyon Park off Santiago Canyon Road, in Silverado, CA


Revolution will be a life enhancing festival for participants, while refining a model for Brick and Mortar Bicycle Retailers to engage and enliven the bike experience for participants, aiding retailers in providing the experience and community required to engender life-long retail customer fans.

Orange County is the perfect place for the festival’s inaugural launch. OC boasts nearly 365 day a year ride-worthy-weather, hundreds of miles of the most scenic coastal and foothilled single track and scenic highways.  Riding opportunities paired with local innovators in the bike space like Felt Bicycles, Shimano and Oakley, and a larger per capita invested independent bike retailer community who passionately share the same life changing prescription of two wheels.

Revolution Bike Fest

“Three years ago we dreamed of creating an experience of a lifetime, right here in our Road and Mountain Bike Mecca playground…Orange County. Out of that dream Revolution was born.  It’s going to be an off-the-hook family-friendly weekend of camping, friends, group mountain bike and road bike rides, beer gardens, live bands, tasty food, bike demos, gear previews, and training forums for many areas of interest and varied bike disciplines.”

Revolution is the brain child of The Enthusiast Group, Inc, creators of the most successful mid-week mountain bike race in the country, Over the Hump (OTH) Mountain Bike Race Series (, which experienced instant success in 2009 in Orange County.  Hundreds of riders travel from all over Southern California Eight years later. Kids 6 years old, beginner mountain bikers of all ages, and the world’s fastest cross country bike racers have passed through the OTH Start Gate. Participants find themselves addicted to the experience, the bike, but most notably the community of riders has drawn them in.

OTH has become a seasonal marker of Orange County summer as it has morphed into a weekly gathering of family and friends comprised of 500-600 adult racers over 100 kids, ages 6-11 and hundreds of spectators.

Tani Walling, owner of The Path Bike Shop in Tustin, CA, has been talking about Over the Hump with other industry pros for the past 8 years. Which has been good for the sport, and these guys get it. Tani said,“These guys figured it out. We need something like revolution, and it will draw thousands of people and feed the energy that already surrounds the bike community that we know. These guys get it, and they are making an event even the least invested curious explorer won’t be able to help falling in love.”

Revolution Bike Fest, a weekend festival, will take key elements of an already successful bike event model, and enhance it with a weekend that will be monumental for participants, and ginormous for the industry that surrounds the US Bike Industry.

Wenger explains, “The one thing I hear repeatedly from bicycle retailers is they have to scratch and claw to compete with online clearance prices and volume based E-businesses, who trade loyalty and service for volume driven pricing.  The answer to be viable as a local retailer is not lower prices, but enhancing riders’ riding opportunities, culture and community experiences.  Amazon-ish online E-tailers are not interested in investing back into the user groups, and giving on a personal level. “Brick and Mortar” Bike Retailers are riders’ conduit for delivery of top-level service, ready product delivery, and group event participation across Southern California. The riders are better because of the shops, and the shops because of the riders.  Revolution is the perfect eco-system for bringing a passion for life, bike and health together with consumers, retailers and industry stake holders.”

So, Revolution Bike Fest promises to be a game changer. A celebration of two wheels, and all the passions that surround it.

An event set around a passionate lifestyle group that loves outdoors, bikes and all things good…music, beer, rides and education…has all the makings to breed passionate enthusiastic attendees.

Why Bikes?

“Bikes Make the world a better place”, Wenger smiles.  “My bike changed my life.  I’m just one testimony to how a bike changes a life. The Bike has given me my life back more than one time in the last decade; from rehabbing from a wheelchair after a 2004 motorcycle accident, meeting like-minded outdoor enthusiasts, managing anxiety, and my number one weapon in weight maintenance It’s magic. The Bike and all the experiences surrounding it have enhanced my health, friendships, my wife and my dates, and given us a fun physical outdoor passion to share with our kids that they will have their whole life.”

And why not Beer and Bands?

The three seem to go together like wood and fire!  Bikers (and most people with a pulse) enjoy the auxiliary experiences in life. Tasty beer, food and grooving music are a surefire staple of any celebration we’d want to attend.

Smiles Everywhere:

Kids, teens, moms, dads, singles and travelors who land at Oak Canyon the first weekend of November will end up smiling, just like event director Wenger, “we’re not positioning Revolution as a “Die-hard Biker Only” event. There’s something here for everybody. Kid’s activities and entertainment, family opportunities, concerts, a frenzy of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles based micro breweries small-batching varieties of cyclists’ favorite beverage, awesome live bands, and completely entrenched corporate environmental leaders like Simple Green who are changing the fabric of world by making offering healthy and environmentally safe alternatives to traditionally harmful chemical compounds, that otherwise would be dumped into the Pacific Ocean. “

Will Revolution make the world a better place?  We’re confident that Revolution will inspire and endear people in California to live and love life on this planet; their passions and interests will allow bikers, hikers and likers to enjoy more of what we all love for longer.  Whether they come on a bike, leave on a bike, or just experience Revolution, Revolution promises to deliver what’s in its name; change by bike, as the festival rolls.