Nu3tron was born and raised in Anaheim, California and it is here that his talent developed. After listening to his stereo and learning from different types of music, he bought a digital 4 track and started recording with Holocost of the Wu Tang Clan. At 17 years of age, he decided to become serious about his identity as an artist and recording. It was at this time, Nu3tron realized creating all aspects of the music would be his main life goal. Although his musical journey began in Anaheim, it has expanded throughout Southern California, Los Angeles, and around the world as a result of his songwriting and performing abilities. Nu3tron is a multi-talented artist willing to work in various genres, making his music easily relate-able and accessible. Nu3tron’s musical skills are sure to establish him as a star in all these locations and locations across the world . The appeal of his music arises from not only hard work, but from being on the hip-hop scene for ten years.