Winner of L.A. Warped Tour slot to be decided at Battle for Warped Tour Finals

Anaheim, Calif. – acropolisRPM and Skinnie Magazine invite you to make your voice heard for the band you think should be the newest addition to the Warped family at the Battle for the Warped Tour 2010 Finals at House of Blues Anaheim on Wednesday, June 16, 2010. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

As the much-anticipated final round approaches, the remaining contenders prepare to battle it out for a spot on the L.A. stop of Vans Warped Tour 14 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. on June 25.

Following a series of 14 preliminary bouts and six semi-finals narrowing down the field of over 60 bands, only a select few remain. Last Minute Decision, I & I, See For Yourself, BoB Knows Best, Suns of Jimi and Welcome Distraction comprise the diverse roster of bands representing a variety of genres from rock to hip-hop as competition grows fierce for a much-coveted spot on the Vans Warped Tour 14 lineup.

Guest judges will include Hans Thurau, CEO of; Katie Pagler, O.C. Editor of 944; Luke Allen of OCMA; Ramon Gonzales, Editor-in-Chief of Skinnie Magazine as well as celebrity guest judges Shar Jackson of VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club;” Flynn Adam, Black Eyed Peas producer; and more to be announced.

Closing the night will be featured up-and-coming Los Angeles rapper, Sum-In-1.

The finals promise an electric night full of energy, camaraderie and competition in Downtown Disney as finalists give it their all for chance to be included in this year’s epic lineup.



ANAHEIM, Calif. – The House of Blues (HOB) Anaheim is braced for impact as the DETOUR LIVE concert series approaches. Located at 1530 Disneyland Drive., the HOB will host premier Southern Californian rock bands Bethpage Black, England Street, The Opera, Valora, Life Support and Edstanley. Tickets are only $10 at or can be purchased at the HOB box office for $15.00. The show, which is being held on Saturday, March 6, begins at 7 p.m. is expected to usher in a new era of Orange County rock ‘n’ roll!

flyer for the detour


The night will feature a wide variety of musical genres that range from classic rock to modern day alternative.

As the night approaches, the piercing vocals of Valora will hit the stage. Valora, who just released their “Alice in Wonderland” influenced song “Extreme,” will be taking the HOB stage alongside classic rock influenced groups The Opera and England Street.

For music lovers who wish to groove to the sound of the early ’90s, acts Edstanley and Bethpage Black will not disappoint. Life Support’s catchy choruses and infectious guitar riffs will bring a modern edge to the night.

Six amazing bands are ready to bring forth a night of pure music mayhem for the masses. An unforgettable night is approaching fast and is sure to sell out. Make sure to buy tickets at by searching DETOUR LIVE.

The DETOUR LIVE concert series, presented by music company acropolisRPM, has been a ongoing success in the Orange County music scene for the past six years by creating affordable events with a wide variety of musical talent.

acropolisRPM inc. is a boutique Records, Promotion and Management company based in Orange County, CA. We are known for providing personal management for our artists. At our core, we specialize in infiltrating youth culture in order to market, promote and book our artists as well as produce concerts and events. acropolisRPM has been “bringing people together through music” since the early ‘90s.

GASOLINE ADDICTS: Full Throttle Rawk 'N' Roll

Dave Turturro: Lead vox
Gary Iacobucci: Lead Guitar
Roso Garcia: Bass
Jay O’brien: Drums/Percussion

High octane? Hell, yes. Full throttle? Fuckin’ right! All motor metaphors aside, The Gasoline Addicts are straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll that fires on all cylinders (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Hailing from Orange County, California, the four-piece rose from the ashes of former O.C. punk rockers, Liquorfish in 1998. “Jay, Roso and I were in the midst of a master plan to start something fresh when we had see this guy Rob playin with Gasoline Addicts,” admits Lead singer, Dave Turturro. “He ripped, we wanted him, we stole him and his name.” A short time later Rob and the Addicts parted ways amicably.

After adding lead guitarist Gary Iacobucci, they are shifting into high gear, set to make rock ’n’ roll the likes of which has never been seen. Blending elements of rockabilly, punk and what Turturro describes simply as, “Rawk ‘n’ Roll Baby!” “We started hitchin’ and loadin’ equipment for all the local bands we could,” says Turturro. “Social Distortion, Agent Orange, AWOL, Middle Class…. No car, no money and all the time in the world to divide and conquer. By the time we were 15 we had either loaded or lied our way into most of the clubs in LA and OC. This was the point, which would change my perspective. And that it did. At that point I knew I needed to write. Guitar, a few chords, pen and paper, lyrics and that was that. I was hooked. As soon as we could drive, it was over. No sports, No school. Just time to play, write, and of course, drink.”

The rest, as they say, is history. The members of The Gasoline Addicts are united by a single burning passion for music, as is evident in their live shows and the connections made with fans. “Good rock ‘n’ roll is what the people need and we are here to cook it up for ‘em,” explains Turturro. “The music would be inspired really by the four of us in one room and really quite frankly just being blessed with this chemistry to chew it up, cough it up and make it real tasty.” The Gasoline Addicts have been a part of the So Cal music scene in one way or another for a long time, and now, after joining Acropolis Records, stand poised to make their mark. Their new full-length, “Supercharged,” is now available on Acropolis. “We have a need to tell the world that rawk ‘n’ roll is alive and well,” proclaims Turturro. “And with their [Acropolis] help, the world will hear The Gasoline Addicts.” As for the name, since when has any rock group worth their salt been politically correct? All we’re saying is don’t expect to catch them touring in a hybrid anytime soon.

Q&A With The Gasoline Addicts

It’s been quite the journey. What are some of your personal highlights so far?
Dave: We all have played some really good venues past and present in LA and OC. We had some good reviews and have played with some really great bands. We are really looking forward to broadening our horizon and playin’ unfamiliar terrain and meeting other bands who are striving to get their music heard as well.

Roso: I would say I’ve had a great life playing music. I’ve played with great players like Scott Miller (Agent Orange), Eddit Tatter (D.I.) and have done shows with LIT, Static X, Zebrahead, Kottonmouth Kings, Rule 62 and have played the House of Blues Anaheim, The Viper Room, Anaheim Stadium, The Whisky A Go Go, The Roxy and The Cat Club just to name a few.

Jay: We’ve played shows with one of our favorite bands, the legendary Cadillac Tramps.

Gary: Getting back into playing again after a long layoff. Working with these guys has been a blast. Looking forward to some big shows with national acts.

What were some of your early influences? How did you make the transition from fans to musicians?
Dave: Even though the jazz, blues, reggae, country and rawk were introduced early, I think it was the punk and ska that just kicked my ass sooo good. Later on, the stuff I was first introduced would make another impact and blend styles to give this blues/punk rawk feel — aggressive, yet melodic. How did I make the transition? I was asked if I could play guitar, I said, ‘No…no clue.’ I was handed a guitar and was told it was time to learn. We played some of those first few shows through the PA with the vocals just because we didn’t have any money to buy real amps.

Roso: I’ll have to say The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, X, Led Zeppelin, Rush, B.B. King, Lou Reed, Stevie Ray Vaughan were my big influences.

Jay: Influences were The Ramones, Bad Brains, Iron Maiden, Social Distortion, Agent Orange, D.I., Adolescents, Cadillac Tramps, etc. Dad took me to the music shop at age 11 and said pick out an instrument. I chose drums and haven’t stopped playing them since that day. Also, my grandfather toured with big bands his whole life as a drummer, so that influenced my decision to pick drums over other instruments.

Gary: Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, UFO, Queen and some individual guitar players like Steve Lukather, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix. I have a little different background and influences than the other guys. My background is more Classic Rock than Punk or Ska. Also Guns ‘N Roses and S.T.P. were favorites.

You have a pretty diverse palette of individual influences, but fans of what bands do you think would most likely listen to The Gasoline Addicts?
Dave: Supersuckers, Fu Manchu, All the Madmen, Cadillac Tramps, Misfits, Rocket from the Crypt, Foo Fighters, Nashville Pussy, ZZ Top, D Generation, The Dragons, The Flaming Sideburns, Hellacopters, Bad Religion.

Gary: Personally, I think we can attract a very wide audience. I think our style is old school punk mixed with a touch of classic rock and even a little bit of the blues. People who like all kinds of different bands will be open to our music. You can like The Who, Social Distortion, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, The Misfits, Foo Fighters and The Sex Pistols — on and on — and love The Gasoline Addicts.

It’s well known most of your projects have been self recorded and produced, mostly with a little help from a bottle of liquor. You have a new full length coming out on Acropolis. What’s the dirt on that?
Jay: Well we recorded a five song CD back in 2000 and are currently recording new 15-song CD called “Supercharged.”

Dave: We are working with Dave Irish at Milano Studios in Orange, California. Amazing Dave, drummer of the Irish Brothers and sound engineer extraordinaire, has recorded past and present many, many fine musicians. For example, Throw Rag, Gamblers Mark, Hellbound Heyride, Reel Big Fish…etc. Down-to-earth studio, no bullshit, great ears, big help. We are are really excited to get this the hell out there. Lyrically, every person should have their own perception or interpretation of what has been written. Topics? Life, strife, sacrifice, indecision, decisions, love, lust, want, need or lack there of, losing, winning, drivin’ hard and of course overcoming all odds. We are really excited to be working with Daniel and Acropolis.

Any famous last words?
Dave: Ask questions. Fuckin’ read people! Learn, write, draw, drink, eat, lust, love and never, never give up.

Jay: You definitely need to see one of our live shows.

Gary: Keep your dreams alive. Long Live Rock!

Official Website: